Makiko Azakami

In 1985, while a staff artist at Sony Creative Products, Makiko Azakami snipped and pasted together a paper Godzilla. This beguiling creature motivated her to create more paper objects, and in a short time, what started out as a hobby became her career.

In addition to forty-one exhibitions, thirty-five of them solo shows, her creations have been featured in many books and articles on three-dimensional art. Her work has been used on numerous book jackets, magazine covers, fashion posters and billboards across Japan. With great humor and breathtaking dexterity Azakami turns the prosaic objects of everyday life into, as she puts it, "Paper Toys". Her first show in New York in 1991 was featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine and others.

Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


Selected Exhibitions:

2016   Shonandai My Gallery -  "Desire", Tokyo, Japan

           Shonandai My Gallery @Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

2014   Asagi Arts - "Sixty Bras!", Tokyo, Japan

2013    Onishi Project @ Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY

            “Rouge” group show, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, New York, NY

            Onishi Project group show, “At Two Places”, New York, NY

2012    Onishi Project @ Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL

            Onishi Project group show, “Carnival of Color”, New York, NY

            Galleria BE19, Helsinki, Finland

            Adler & Co Gallery, group show, San Francisco, CA

2011     Ise Museum of Modern Art, Mie, Japan

            Ginza Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2010    Isa Gallery Kunugi, Tokyo, Japan

            Fukushima Museum of Art, Fukushima, Japan

2009   art date bank, Tokyo, Japan

             Shounandai MY Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2008    Space Yui, Tokyo, Japan

2007    Hutakotamagawa Takashimaya Roof Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2006    Ginza Ito-ya Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2004    Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, Japan

2003    "Every Picture Tells a Story", 2-person show, Los Angeles, CA

2001     "Made in Japan", Bristol City Museum, Bristol, UK



1993     The 5th Annual 3-Demensional Illustration Award Show, USA

             Bronze Award

1992     The 4th Annual 3-Demensional Illustration Award Show, USA

              Silver Award